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Answer To My Prayer
You are the answer
You are the answer to my prayer
You are the answer (...song lyrics)
At The Cross
Verse 1:
Down at the cross where my Savior died,
down where for cleansing from sin I cried;
there to my heart was the blood applied (...song lyrics)
Again I Say Rejoice
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, again I say Rejoice
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, again I say Rejoice (...song lyrics)
Are You Ready
People don't praise no more
Like we used to do
When the spirit of the Lord comes in
You got to move
And you gotta kick that dust off
Your shoutin' shoes
It's time to praise Him y'all
Are you ready to give God praise (...song lyrics)
Armour of God
Tell me what did you put on this morning
I put on the armour of God
Tell me what did you put on this morning
I put on the armour of God
I put on the my breastplate of Righteousness
And the helmet of Salvation
I' a soldier in the Army of the Lord
Of the Lord
(Repeat) (...song lyrics)
A Message For The Saints
This is for the saints,
a message for the saints,
this is for the saints. (...song lyrics)
Anything Is Possible
Anything is possible
In Him all things are possible
All you do is keep the faith
don't give up 'cause it's never too late (...song lyrics)
Anybody Here
Is there anybody here
that love my Jesus
Is there anybody here
that love my lord
is there anybody here
that love my Jesus
Cause I want to know
if you love my lord (...song lyrics)
A Secret Place
This world sometimes seems cruel and cold
And pain doth pierce my very soul,
But there's a place ,a secret place,
a place where i can go. (...song lyrics)
Amen Corner
If paradise is half as nice as heaven that you take me to
Who needs paradise, I'd rather have you (...song lyrics)
Amazing Grace
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That sav'd a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see. (...song lyrics)
Adore You
It's a mystery
That the maker of the universe
Calls me his own (...song lyrics)
A Sinner's Prayer
Solo: A sinner's prayer
A sinner's prayer umh
A sinner's prayer
A sinner's prayer (...song lyrics)
Breathe On Me
Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel I walk alone,
in my fear I find no rest.
I've even thought of giving up
knowing I would fail the test. (...song lyrics)
Be Not Afraid
Tossed to and fro the disciples were fearing
For their very lives lost out at sea.
High winds were raging and beating the waves round them
Then a voice spoke, "Fear not, be at peace." (...song lyrics)
Breathe upon Us
Breathe upon us, Lord, from Heaven,
Fill us with the Holy Ghost;
Promise of the Father given,
Send us now a Pentecost. (...song lyrics)
Believe It
Just believe it when you pray
Just believe it when you pray
God will make a way
Just believe it when you pray
Just believe it when you pray
God will make a way (...song lyrics)
Bear the Cross
O brother, will you bear the cross
For Jesus everywhere,
Count all things gained for Him but loss
And all His favor share? (...song lyrics)
Lord, who at Cana's wedding feast
Didst as a Guest appear,
Thou dearer far than earthly guest,
Vouchsafe Thy presence here;
For holy Thou indeed dost prove
The marriage vow to be,
Proclaiming it a type of love
Between the Church and Thee. (...song lyrics)
Bright Anticipation
There's a voice full of sweetness and love,
It is speaking so kindly to me:
"I will lead you to bright realms above,
Where the spirit forever is free." (...song lyrics)
Bring It All To Him
Verse 1
Bring it all to Him
Take it to God in prayer.
Cast your cares on Him
And leave them all there. (...song lyrics)
Be Blessed
Too many storms have passed your way
And you're all washed out cause it rained on your parade
Seems nobody cares about you anyway
Now you're living your life like a castaway
Searched for strength inside was it all in vain
Cause the deeper you dig you find more and more pain
Don't let your tomorrow be like yesterday
Cause I spoke to God, I called out your name
And on your behalf, I just asked if He would be there for you
I want you to (...song lyrics)
Bless You Real Good
May the Lord, God bless you real good (2x)
Woke me up this morning, started me on my way
let me see a dawning of a brand new day
Real good (real good) (2x)
may the Lord (2x)
may the Lord God bless you real good (...song lyrics)
Blessing For You
Verse 1:
In your life you're gonna have problems,
and it will feel like it's too hard to bear,
all you've got to do is hold on,
'cause He'll always, He'll always be there;
I know that (God's got a blessing for you, oh yes),
I know that (God's got a blessing for you). (...song lyrics)
Brand New Day
You may have done
Some things that you're not
To proud of, at one point in your life
Well, you're just one good pray away
From living again
Starting today (...song lyrics)
Be Right
I just want to be right.
I just want to be right.
I just want to be right.
I just want to be right. (...song lyrics)
Come In
Let your glory fill this house (repeat)
Let the fragrance of a sweet smelling savor
Fill the temple
Remove all the fear and doubt
So Your glory can fill this house (...song lyrics)
Come Holy Spirit
Come holy spirit, oh how we need You
Come holy spirit, we need You (...song lyrics)
Church of the Living God
Church of the Living God,
The pillar of the truth,
Thou dost enclose within thy walls
The aged and the youth;
Here in thy light of love,
The saints with gladness meet;
Here every tribe and kindred come
In fellowship so sweet. (...song lyrics)
Come in Mighty God
Come in the house
Come in the house
Jesus You are welcome
Come in the house
Come in the house
Come in the house
Jesus You are welcome
Come in the house
Let your glory fill the house (...song lyrics)
Comfort Me
Verse 1:
I need You Lord in my life today,
only You can make a way. (...song lyrics)
Cast Your Cares On Him
Verse 1:
Tell me why the birds that fly,
fly so high, floating in the sky?
They soar into the air,
they coast the winds they dare
they know the Creator holds them,
they don't give a care. (...song lyrics)
Out of all the things
You've brought me through,
I owe my life to You.
I'm so glad Jesus rescued me from sin,
gave me peace within (...song lyrics)
Let us rejoice, let's celebrate
For our King has come and He lives today
The Anointed One is to be praised
Sing hallelujah
Let's Celebrate
(Repeat) (...song lyrics)
Clap Your Hands
When I think of His mercy and His kindness,
all want to do is thank Him. (...song lyrics)
Coming Again So Soon
Coming again so soon
Jesus, the Savior
Coming again so soon
oh what a day (...song lyrics)
Come On In The Room
Chorus 1
Come on in the room,
come on in the room;
Jesus is my doctor
and He writes out all of my prescriptions,
He gives me all of my medicine in the room. (...song lyrics)
Center Thy Will
Lord, I just want to be
rooted and grounded in Thee.
Lord, place me, Lord, place me,
I wanna be in the center of Thy will. (...song lyrics)
Continual Praise
For all You done and what You gonna do.
For all your blessings we give praise to you. Mercy loving kindness, and grace.
For directing our steps and guiding our way.
So with thankful hearts and spirits and all of our hands raised, we come to the throne of the Father and we give you continual praise. (...song lyrics)
Come Unto Me
Ohh ohhh

I remember the time
I turned and walked away
Like a lamb who'd gone astray
My life was filled with grief
And every day I searched for relief
But in the distance I could still hear him say (...song lyrics)
Alright, oh yeah
Hmm (...song lyrics)
Expect Your Miracle
Verse 1:
I'm looking for a miracle,
I expect the impossible,
I feel the intangible,
I see the invisible. (...song lyrics)
Fully Committed
All that I am,
and all that I hope to be
All of my desires
and all of my abilities
I'm fully committed
To your will, and to Your way
I'll make the sacrifice
to do what you ask of me
My love's forever,
Jesus you're all that I need
And I can never, repay what,
You did just for me
But the least I can do (...song lyrics)
For the Love of the People
For the love of the people
He gave His life
For the love of the people
He gave all He had (...song lyrics)
Friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me friend (...song lyrics)
Fragile Heart
I remember the first time
You laughed with me
I remember the promises
You would never leave my side
Now I'm standing with the news
Of a tragedy
Standing here with a fragile heart (...song lyrics)

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